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Monday, Monday…you stink (mostly)

Today has been full of minor inconveniences. Nothing insane. Nothing I can’t handle. Just a lot of annoying little crap that makes want to say, “Seriously? Are you kidding?”

Case-in-point: I had a relatively decent day at work today. It began with the Internet in my classroom refusing to cooperate long enough to show the video I was trying to use, but that’s just another day in Room 208. I get super-annoyed at it at the time. (I mean, I have 55 freshman huffing and puffing and squirming and rolling their eyes while this irritating little ceiling fan-looking icon flashes on the screen to show that my computer is “thinking” or that the website is “optimizing” or whatever the flip is going on.) But after the fact, it doesn’t bother me. I don’t dwell all day on it or anything. Then, when it happened again (same video, same classroom, different time), I wasn’t surprised, but still kind of annoyed. Otherwise, the day started fine.

Came home after the second fail, and ate some pretty yummy lunch (baked potato with chicken and cheese…nice), then headed back to give a test. Oddly enough, the Internet works fine in the afternoon, and it works fine when I’m Facebooking while my students take a test…go figure. I thought I was pretty much home free, and I was until I got up to leave the room after my last student had finished her exam. Freaking metal tray on the whiteboard snagged my dress! Right on the butt, too. Luckily, it wasn’t a huge hole, and I was wearing Spanx, but still! Really?! It was my favorite purple Maxi dress too! Stupid whiteboard.

But I took it in stride. I went home and changed, watched some of the Emmy‘s on DVR (thought it was pretty great, by the way), and then headed to get Big Sister for gymnastics. When I go pick her up early, I try to sneak in and out of the daycare so Little Bit won’t see me. I know it’s kind of mean, but I use that hour as time to run errands and to just hang out with Big Sis. But apparently she had a diaper leak that made her teacher stick her head out into the hall to let me know the baby didn’t have a change of clothes…and then she saw me…and started crying thinking I was leaving. Grrrrr.

Oh well, go get the baby. On the surface, that’s all it was, but Sister and I were already running behind (not late until we had to wait for the diaper change). Then, I had to get Little Bit out of the car and carry her up the 42 stairs (that’s the actual number) to the gymnastics studio where I dropped Sister off. Then, back down the 42 stairs and to Walmart. Oddly enough, that was the least eventful part of the day. She was sweet, whined very little for cookies she saw on the shelf, and we headed back to pick Sister up.

Most of the rest of the evening was great! We had a lovely supper of grilled cheese sandwiches, french fries, and fruit followed by Nilla Wafers and milk…Yummy! Following supper, we had a dance party accompanied by the Fresh Beat Band! (Big Sister has asked to be Kiki for Halloween, so stay tuned for that…you can bet she will be joined by the rest of the Fresh Beats.) With the exception of Little Bit throwing the button off of my shorts (that I didn’t even know was loose) into the depths of the kitchen trash, it was a pretty good time! We even cleaned up without much fuss. But then…bedtime came.

Since daddy is gone on a trip until tomorrow, I’m in charge of getting both of the girls to bed. Little Bit is generally pretty easy going. I put a Fresh Beat Band episode on for Big Sis while I was putting the baby down, and I was done by the time it was over. But Sister is a horse of a different color. It is 10:30pm, and she is just now asleep. She laid down in her bed at 8:50. Yes, your math is correct…that is almost 2 hours. First meltdown came when I finished our chapter in Charlotte’s Web, and she wanted to read more. On the one hand, that rocks! On the other, just freaking go to sleep! We read 2 more pages and I left the room. Then she had to pee…of course. Then I heard every variation of “Momma? Are you out there?” and “Is that [the dog] making that noise?” that I can think of. It’s amazing what a restless child can do to a tired parent. I usually start speaking in a hiss. That’s the only way I can describe it. It’s a  “Shhhhh! Don’t wake your sister!” hiss. Then a “Hush! Go to sleep!” hiss. Then I hiss at the dog who just pooped in the living room after she refused to go outside, “Are you freaking kidding me, dog?!” She didn’t answer.

Now, the house is mostly quiet, and see my sweet baby sleeping. I walked around to turn things off, pick up the blanket I tossed on the floor after Sister decided she didn’t want it…even though she had specifically asked for it, and get myself to bed. Now, none of this seems like that big a deal, and individually none of the things were. In the grand scheme of things, these really were minor irritations. When I remember this day, I won’t think about the poop in the floor or the button in the trash, I’ll think about my dancing babies….thank God. That’s a pretty strong cognitive tool we have at our disposal.

I do really hope tomorrow is easier going than today. I would really like it if we could all come home in the clothes we left in and be asleep by 10. Pipe dreams? Perhaps…but a momma can wish.


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