Princess Pancakes

Momma's helper!

We have been waiting for a full week for daddy to get back, and he’s finally here! It has been quite a week. Exhausting is an understatement. We went on trip to Houston to see my grandparents, but it was an extremely quick one. We left home on Thursday morning and were back home on Saturday evening. That kind of trip is tiring for grown people, but it is crazy for kids.

See the sweet, adorable little girl to the left? You wouldn’t think so, but she can be a holy terror. She pulled out all the stops during my latest week of single parenting. While we were on our trip, our sleeping arrangements were, well…cramped.  She didn’t have a room to sleep in, so she had to wait to go to bed until everyone else did. In general, not a big deal, but as anyone who has ever been around children will attest, when they are tired, they get crazy. She isn’t one who dissolves into tears when she is tired (at least not usually), she gets insanely hyper and nearly impossible to calm down. Although I was extremely happy to see my grandparents, and my girls were very happy to see Gee-Gee and Jambo, I don’t think I could handle another night of her being over-tired.

Cut to, home again on Saturday! I thought “Great, we’ll get to bed on time, and it will be fine.” Well, she was, again, so tired from the trip and her lack of napping in the car that she still tried EVERYTHING she could to NOT go to bed. Why? Because I dared to tell this poor, mistreated child that she couldn’t watch anymore TV and to go brush her teeth. That was around 8:50pm. She finally went to sleep at around 10:45. Yeah…2 hours. These two hours were not filled with simply annoying getting out of bed and asking for drinks of water…ohhhh, no. Remember, I said she pulled out ALL the stops. Screaming, crying, rolling on the floor, sassing…and that was just me. No really….  Ok, I didn’t roll on the floor. Upon threat of terrible things like losing her fave TV show for-eh-ver and a pop on the pop0 (which I HATE) if she woke her sister up, she continued…and woke her sister up.

Luckily, Grammy was here to help. I might have locked myself in a dark room and rocked back and forth in the fetal position if she hadn’t been here. As it was, I did sit in a dark room and rock back and forth, but it was to help my other sweet child back to sleep.

It’s really amazing how a 4-year-old’s tantrum made me question my value as a human being and feel like a failure as a parent. My biggest worry through the whole hairy mess? That she would go to sleep before I was able to go back to her room and hug her. Grammy sat in her room with her, got her calmed down, while baby went back to sleep. As soon as I walked into her room, big girl hugged me and said she was sorry for “yelling, and screaming, and being rude”. Maybe I’m not a total failure as a parent.  She even went and hugged Grammy to apologize for how she acted.  That was only day 4 of our daddy-less week! How would the rest go?!!!

Thankfully, I have awesome friends who kept me company throughout the rest of the week, so we didn’t have anymore insane evenings like that. We got back on our regular schedule, and, besides the normal 4-year-old-ness that goes with the territory, things went swimmingly! Because of that, tonight, I decided to make a supper treat for my sweet girls:  Princess Pancakes! To be honest, I just called them pink and purple pancakes until now, but from now on, they will be Princess Pancakes.

Princess Pancake herself helped me mix them up (as you saw in the first photo), and I always use too much food coloring! She said “those are daaaaaark pink!” Indeed! I had a moment where I thought Baby Pancake wouldn’t eat them because they looked weird, but she never missed a beat. Of course, she has never met a carb she didn’t like.

Purple pancakes! They didn't look quite as purple when they were turned over, but we knew.

Pink pancakes...REALLY pink pancakes!

Momma needed a little more than pancakes to make it supper. The girls both had applesauce, but that’s not really my bag. So instead, I made some lovely scrambled eggs with cheese. The only thing that would have made it better is some turkey bacon, but alas…the cupboard was bare (or the fridge was).

Momma's finished Princess Pancakes

We are all so glad daddy is home now! He was too tired, so I didn’t get any pics of his return, but maybe tomorrow when we’re all a little better rested. We saved him some Princess Pancakes, but they ended up in the freezer for another day.


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