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The Suppertime Chronicles: What’s for Supper?

Welcome to The Suppertime Chronicles! I recently decided to blog because, well, I like to. Problem is, I don’t have any particular political messages to push. I don’t have enough time to do crafts every day that I can share with the viewing public (though I love blogs that do, and I will likely share them here). I’m not a good enough cook to share new, step-by-step recipes complete with photos of each step (though I also love blogs that do that and you’ll probably see some of those too). I don’t homeschool. I don’t really travel. I’m not a fabulous photographer. (Catching a trend here?) What I do do (besides make juvenile jokes and overuse parentheses) is work, take care of my family, and try have a positive impact on my corner of the world.

By day, I am a college professor. Glamorous, right? Most days, I love my job. I get to teach material that I am passionate about to students who will shape future generations. Other days, I question the sanity of my choice to go into academia. I think that dichotomy is probably par for the course of most careers. By day and night (and in between times), I am a wife, mom, daughter, friend, et al. My lovely husband is a full-time youth pastor, full-time student, full-time  awesome dad, and part-time butthead. Luckily for me, that part-time is a relatively small portion of day-to-day living that tends to expand in response to the following circumstances: hot weather, one-year-old’s tantrums (more to follow on this), 4-year-old sass (ditto), either of the previous two occurring during College Gameday or The Masters, and attempted assembly of furniture or other items with the aid of myself or said one- or four-year-old.

So, what about these kids? I have two girls: oldest is 4, and she is well, fabulous…and insane. Not clinically insane, just 4-year-old insane. Case-in-point: She loves to bark in her one-year-old sister’s face. I mean, directly in her face. To be fair, her sister thinks it is hilarious, but…really? Barking? Anyway, the one-year-old has a huge case of being one year old, complete with fits that leave her doubled on the floor. These fits may be immediately followed by raucous laughter, dancing, or throwing whatever we gave her to calm her down.

With all of this, suppertime can be a little daunting, and a lot of fun. It occurred to me that our supper largely depends on how chaotic our lives are. Fast food out of a bag in front of the TV, or home-cooked deliciousness at the table? Hopefully more of the latter, but I think we all know that doesn’t always happen. If you are looking for a blog that chronicles a seemingly perfect life, you are definitely in the wrong place. If you are looking for a real life without pretense, I hope you enjoy ours. If you don’t, no one is forcing you to read. There may be the occasional political message, craft, recipe, travel anecdote, or photo, but generally the theme will be: What’s for supper? Hungry yet?


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